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Fréjus: A Dive into History Near Esterel Caravaning

Discover the Ancient Treasures of Fréjus, Just 10 Minutes from Esterel Caravaning

Only a few minutes from Esterel Caravaning, Fréjus stands as a living testament to ancient history. Founded by Octavian, who would become Emperor Augustus, around 49 BC, the city was known as Forum Julii, serving as a major military port in the Mediterranean.

This historic center, once a vital economic hub, today houses the remnants of the ancient Roman city’s walls. At the city’s outskirts, the ruins of a Roman aqueduct still impress with their engineering, bringing water from Mons, located 42 kilometers away.
The Fréjus amphitheater, capable of accommodating up to 10,000 spectators, highlights the city’s historical significance. Today, these arenas host numerous cultural events. At the heart of the old town, the episcopal group stands on the site of the ancient Roman forum. The Saint-Léonce Cathedral, built between the 11th and 13th centuries, contains a Merovingian baptistery from the 4th century. Next to the cathedral, there remains a cloister gallery where you can admire an exceptional larch wood ceiling, decorated with painted coffers that narrate stories of religion, daily life, and even more daring scenes.

Parallel to its rich past, Fréjus has reconnected with its maritime roots through Port-Fréjus, becoming one of the main marinas on the French Riviera with its 700 berths. A visit to Fréjus, from Esterel Caravaning, is an essential experience for history enthusiasts and lovers of Mediterranean culture.

Tourism Office of Fréjus